Hobbies are Fun- Filmmaking should be too

There has been some good feedback to the post I had up on IFP’s blog this week, “At Least Hobbies Are Fun” (the title refers to a comment made during The Conversation by Ira Deutchman about someone sort of ‘accusing’ filmmaking to be a hobby). A sample from the post:

But there is a reality, it seems to me, that is missing from the discussion. Selling independent films is not and never was a “business model” (or- if you wish- not a ‘good’ business model), in the context that making these films should be the basis for a lucrative career using the principles of an MBA program. A good business model takes into account what the consumer wants and tries to give them that. It does not find something that one personally likes and then tries to make other people care about it, which is something more like patronage.

There has been a recent trend to make it seem like there is money draining out of the business of independent film when in reality the small amount of actual net revenue is just being redistributed.

Over the weekend there was some controversy over the relevance of conferences in general which Scott Macauly discusses at Filmmaker Magazine’s blog (and mentions my post as well).

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