Privacy I(ndependent)s

Ted Hope proposes we need a film fest panel on privacy. This dovetails with a discussion currently going on among some Free Culture people about the distinctions between sharing, stealing and the public vs. the private. As a libertarianish geek, I’m interested in privacy as it relates to my personal space and information in an age of unprecedented surveillance and public communication. On the other hand, as a marketer and adviser of others’ marketing, certain grey areas of internet privacy make it easier to reach an audience.

As filmmakers, we face specific privacy issues. For example, the MPAA may take the RIAA route and start trying to look at people’s hard drives in the name of enforcing copyright restrictions. I’ve spoken to several documentary filmmakers who face challenges in making and marketing their films because the globally ubiquitous nature of dissemination now means they can not protect subjects when being seen in the films would put the subjects in danger. And filmmakers need to know what the boundaries are as they become more creative in trying to build their audiences.

So, Ted, in absence of panels, maybe we can begin to discuss the issues now.

2 Comments to “Privacy I(ndependent)s”

  1. Brian Newman says:

    Hey Laure – this is a conversation we need. I disagree that it should be at film festivals, as I don’t think you get enough traction. It should be online and via video if possible. We just did a debate on Ipad and creativity on my roof, which will post in about a week. I suggest we have a debate/talk about this in person with some folks, tape it and put it on Vimeo. Whatcha think?

  2. admin says:

    I do agree and in fact Astra Taylor & I have been planning (or planningish) a Tech Day for filmmakers and artists where this would be a big topic.