Transmedia tools: Storify Social Media Storytelling

Storify LogoTransmedia aka “Cross-Platform” storytelling has gained traction from the most commercial content creators in advertising to the most artistic media makers at the National Film Board of Canada. To look at how transmedia can enhance an independent filmmaker’s relationship with their audience, their story, and their revenues, I will check out a few of the tools and resources available to help you create a more dimensional experience.

First up, Storify, a tool to create stories from different content feeds. Here is a Story I made to give you a sense of what is available.

3 Comments to “Transmedia tools: Storify Social Media Storytelling”

  1. What am I missing? Your story looks like many other blog posts I’ve seen. You’ve got text plus some pictures and some broken links. (The link on your first Flickr picture is broken.)

    Well, it looks like a comment stream actually. Makes it look like the author’s of the tweets came to your blog and posted. Try as I might, I still find tweets shallow … how deep can you get in 140 characters?

    I looked at the Storyfy site but didn’t find any of the “stories” on their front page at all compelling.

    So thanks for covering the latest trend. I think I’m just not a trendy kind of guy.



    • It’s kind of funny … the very next post I clicked on was titled Transmedia Storytelling is Bullshit…

      I’m not saying I agree … just started reading it … just saying it’s kind’a funny.

    • Laure says:

      Hi Rob. I think you have good points. The challenge, as we will no doubt see over the next year or two, is to tell the tools from the opportunities they present. What I made was somewhat ‘on the fly’ but I think Storify has potential to be used more creatively if it furthers your story. “Transmedia” is a term that doesn’t mean much- but finding ways to engage an audience with new tools or outside of the linear narrative can be a lot of fun and bring depth and richness to the story you might have previously limited to one format. Thanks for your comments!