I never liked you, and I always will.*

Over on Voce Communications, Movie Marketing Madness mogul Chris Thilk considers the ramifications of a world with only positive feedback. Big brands are in his eyeline, but as independent artists, it is worth considering the opportunities we offer our audiences to interact and engage when we tell them things about what we are doing. Too often there is a one-way flow of information, partly because that was the old standard model (i.e. things like press releases, putting up posters, even sending out email) and partly because of our suspicion that we don’t have the resources to manage a lot on incoming traffic.

With more options in social media to become anti-social, it’s useful to make a conscious effort to look for options in blogging, Twitter or Facebook that allow more engagement- not just with us, but with other people interested in our work. In other words, the more we can allow people to find each other through their interest in what we do, the more what we do will be easy and remunerative for us. That was the initial strength of social media. We can continue to build and expand collaboratively rather than get dulled by “Like” buttons.

*Quote by Samuel Goldwyn

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  1. Chris Thilk says:

    Thanks for passing that post along, Laure. Yeah, you’re right, while I was certainly aiming at bigger fish there are, as usual, lessons for marketers and those selling their wares of any shape and size.