Spurlock Skips Rights Issue in Girl Talk Show

Girl Talk
The fourth episode in Morgan Spurlock‘s web series for Hulu, A Day In the Life, which premiered today, features remix artist Girl Talk, aka Greg Gillis, also the star of Brett Gaylor‘s film RIP: A Remix Manifesto. Oddly, at least to viewers of Gaylor’s film, the episode doesn’t mention the issue of copyright at all, and indeed there are no attributions at the end of the credits to suggest Spurlock himself felt compelled to clear the rights of the songs used by Gillis in the performance. (This may simply be a choice due to constraints on the program; typically it’s a requirement of music clearances to list them in end credits).

If that’s the case, it may indicate a much more liberal interpretation of copyright on the part of Hulu (who presumably have plentiful legal counsel).

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