Dead media, resurrected: extraMUROS

Among the many cool things I’ve encountered lately, one I want to share in particular is extraMUROS, a project based at Harvard that was pitched at the Digital Public Library of America meeting a couple of weeks ago in DC. Much like Mozilla’s cool project Popcorn, extraMUROS is an open-source web-based media manipulation tool.

Built in HTML5 using a framework that builds on another Harvard product, Zeega, extraMUROS seems to have the potential to be transformative. With this online software, you could pull files from places like the Smithsonian collection or the National Archives via DPLA or through Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo or other media sites. You then could use the tool to edit those files into a new work. It will allow you to apply real time tools like maps, Twitter, or any other number of applications, creating a dynamic, living project.

This has amazing implications for access to creative storytelling and creating interesting connections. There are also exciting intellectual property issues. It’s also worth checking out the DPLA and what’s happening in general in the quest to digitize national assets for free dissemination.

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