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Beautiful & Broke

One of my favourite sites for video is Vimeo. They offer beautiful HD video presented in a clean, elegant environment. Upload limits are generous and expandable through their Plus and Pro options. Many filmmakers use Vimeo to embed videos onto their own websites. Vimeo is also an awesome community player at festivals and in the filmmaking community.

Vimeo’s site is easy to navigate and features simple, clear icons to navigate to helpful filmmaking tools like a licensed music store and “Video School.” It’s also easy to find videos to watch, with intuitive categories and sortable searches.

Vimeo has run into some trouble as of late due to the question of its value. The site provides exceptional value but so far has not been able to translate their success into significant profits.

The problem with most money-generating plans is that existing users don’t like them. Either a company will start charging for a previously free service or the beautiful, clean experience of using the site will be compromised by cluttery, ugly advertising.

Vimeo needs an approach that would work with its passionate users. Instead of just selling ads all over the site, what if that user could have the choice of which one favourite brand “sponsored” their videos? This gives brands a stronger relationship with the appropriate customers and it also allows there to be just one, small logo on each sponsored page.

All of us as creative people have to find ways to pay the bills and we don’t want to sacrifice our integrity in the process. What does that look like for you?

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