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Patently True

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Geeked out today in the Patent and Trademark Office. Along with the exciting new iPhone developments (which did not tell me whether my new mobile device will have the black plastic or aluminum back, anticlimactically), I fooled around looking at new concepts for media delivery on various platforms and DRM solutions for their “protection.” One patent of interest was awarded on 5/6/06 for “method and apparatus for delivery of targeted video programming” to track audience viewing habits and deliver media based on individual patterns and preferences.

There is more and more content available and people seem to be at least somewhat interested in it. Still what most people are interested in is content that not only fits their basic interest profile but is also mnemonic. It seems like there may be some people who will want a lot of control over the media they see and be willing to spend time filtering it themselves, but most people will prefer to make some basic choices of customization and then have a quality selection service to give them their optimal feed. This could be a successful way to sell media, but it will also mean media may be saleable only when it’s easy to categorize.