Distribution Tools

These are tools that can help you create your own distribution strategy for your feature or short film, as well as do partial or hybrid distribution.

Distrify is a new tool that lets you sell streaming and downloads with a widget as well as merchandise and potentially other items (tickets, for example, could be sold through your trailer).

Distribber – sell your film to iTunes, Netflix and Amazon based on a fee rather than a percentage. Keep your rights.

Snag Films is a widget that puts documentary films on websites- and you can sell your film to them. It works in an ad-supported model that isn’t exactly revenue-licious but if you are looking for exposure, could be useful.

from Brian Chirls is a tool that tracks your audience geographically to help you plan screenings.

Box Office Widget
from Neoflix is another tool that helps you capture email addresses on your site and charts them geographically.

MeDeploy – An idea that doesn’t seem to be reality yet for a full-featured release structure for TV, theatrical and internet through their tools. Primarily this seems to be focused on the technical side of the release but anything that made versioning cheaper and easier for filmmakers to control would be helpful.