Funding and Financing

Finding the money to make your film may be the most challenging aspect of filmmaking today. That said, as technology gets more and more accessible, films are increasingly being made for budgets that allow producers to forgo many of the traditional beg, borrow and max-out-many-credit-card schemes of the past. Even so, it pays to know what options are available.

Morrie Warshawski – the guru of fundraising
Jeff Steele’s Film Closings – good blog about financing
Docs Interactive: How to find funding for your documentary
IDA’s Dollars for Docs: Foundations, Fiscal Sponsors & Government Agencies
IndieGoGo – A crowdfunding platform with various tools. Allows you to keep the money you raise regardless of meeting your goal.
Kickstarter – the most successful crowdfunding platform; has many cool tools.
IndieVest – Matches projects with investors
The Hollywood Economist: Why Indie Movies Are an Endangered Species
Film Threat: Going Bionic – a guide to indie financing
Karen Goldfeder – Documentary grant writer
Caroline Savage – Documentary grant writer