Transmedia has possibly been “overhyped” as it’s become an adco buzzword, but bringing your story to different platforms beyond the traditional cinematic experience can help engage a broader audience and give your viewers a richer experience. Currently a big concept in advertising, transmedia is growing in popularity among independent filmmakers.

These sites can help you understand and envision how cross-platform storytelling can work for your project in innovative and exciting ways:
The Workbook Project – Lance Weiler’s excellent site on story and innovation
Seize the Media – a marketing/advertising firm focusing on new strategies to reach consumers
Transmedia Activism – Social media marketers and storyteller activists
Espresso Brand Infiltration- an advertising perspective
Transmedia Producer
Storify – A cool new tool to help tell stories with social media
Narrative-Innovation Conference in Germany
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – a transmedia designer with a great collection of tools
Transmedia Artists Guild
Hackasaurus – tools to hack the web